Robotics and Industry 4.0 in IT8

“Robotics is the future”, this is the premise of Industry 4.0 that seeks automation in most production lines. In short, the Internet becomes the base of controls for the programming of its equipment and technologies.

Although it seems a negative advance for employment, the fact is that Industry 4.0 generates many jobs because the manufacture of these machines and the research in technological advances requires a large number of people who are experts in the field. Therefore, robots are not used so much to replace people, but are presented as a collaborative option and a way to increase production.

In this way we go from the so-called robots to the cobots that, for all those who do not know them, has been created with the purpose of interacting with humans in a work environment. The cobot has brought access to this type of technology at the forefront of industrial automation and has opened a new market, as it is a technology accessible to small and medium-sized manufacturers.

In this sense, IT8 is an example of a company that promotes Industry 4.0.

Since 2004, it has offered mechanical, electrical and programming engineering services and construction services. Their products favour mostly the automotive sector, which is increasingly inclined to use these tools. Last year the industrial environment increased by 29% the sale of robots worldwide, with the automotive sector being the leader in purchases.

New initiatives have also been carried out in this latter sector to improve work. An example is the use of virtual reality. This application is key to the design process, because through it you can experience the final sensation of the costumer, that is, observe how the car will look before building it, whether its aesthetic or technical form. You can even experience risk situations and observe the reaction of the future car. In short, novelties that benefit both designers and manufacturers as well as customers and from IT8 we support and integrate them in our daily work to improve and advance in the industrial sector.

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