We are the team of engineers that through involvement and talent manage to shape and make viable any project that is proposed to us

Time ? Budget ? Quality

Our reason why

Since its inception in 2004, IT8 offers mechanical, electrical and programming engineering services and construction services, mainly in the European, Asian and American markets.

Areas of

Mechanical Engineering

At IT8 we create mechanical processes that are based on exhaustive analyses carried out previously, thanks to this we can guarantee the accuracy and reliability of our systems.

Software Engineering

At IT8 we have a multidisciplinary team capable of programming, through prior examination, a robust and scalable code where errors are minimized.

Site Engineering

All IT8 professionals have extensive experience in all areas. We make available to your project directors able to work under pressure.

Comprehensive analysis:
Minimizing risks

We are committed to the success of our clients’ projects, providing the necessary human and technical resources for each of the projects.


We carry out an exhaustive study of each project, where coordination with our clients is essential. We minimize risks and problems to create efficient, scalable, and industry quality projects.

Qualified staff

The IT8 team is composed of people with a high level of qualification and in constant process of updating and training. All of them are specialized in the different areas of activity of the company to create multidisciplinary teams that address any project.

Creative approach

Our team is ready to solve projects through a creative approach. In addition, they also use this approach to solve any problems.

With you in 5 countries

We are present in different parts of the world to offer our services in different continents such as Europe, Asia or America.

More than 170 people working with you

At IT8 we have a team of professionals specialized in different areas to work with you on your project. The template that integrates our company provides the necessary knowledge to develop and direct projects that adapt to the needs of our customers.

Continued growth

The quality of work, dedication and experience of our team, have allowed IT8 to have had remarkable growth.