Software Engineering

Our Software Engineering services provide solutions to any need that may arise in the sector. Our team of engineers is able to face any project to offer customized, efficient and error-free process automation software solutions. In addition, our team is able to develop the solutions that involve any additional elements necessary for the development of the project.

We execute turnkey electrical and programming projects. We take care of the design of electrical plans that adapt to our customers, the programming of industrial machinery or programming of robots.

Robot programming

We are specialists in the programming of industrial robots. We have a long experience in different sectors of the market, especially in the automotive sector, and in different applications such as spot welding, arc welding, laser welding, putty application, palletizing, handling, positioning or control by means of artificial vision, etc…

KUKA KrC1, KrC2, KrC4, COMAU C3G, COMAU C5G, Fanuc, ABB, Kawasaki, Motoman, and other brands that are what we normally use in our projects.

PLC programming

We prepare the design of the software for the automation of production processes in industrial installations through programmable automatons or PLCs. From mechanical and electrical engineering we design the programs that will serve for the control of the installation, and then we carry out the commissioning.

With a highly qualified team, and with years of proven experience in the industrial automation sector, IT8 is able to handle many of the automation brands that are most used today, such as AB – Rockwell Automation or SIEMENS. We are able to work with the standards of our customers, as well as develop new ones according to circumstances.

Our team performs the commissioning of any element that intervenes in the automation of the process, such as field networks, operator panels, automatons, speed drives, vision cameras, data readers, putty equipment controllers, welding controls.

Virtual Commissioning

Commissioning of production lines in virtual 100 environment.
Check all programs and operating modes in our offices.

Interactive virtual environments in what we can test a robot, a clamp system or an installation inside a manufacturing cell and test its operation. This means a decrease in investment risk as you can see that its operation is as expected without investing money and efforts.

Electrical Engineering

IT8 is a company capable of performing the electrical design corresponding to any automation project. Once the mechanical design of the installation has been developed we can carry out the electrical schematics and the bill of materials for the project, as well as the supervision of the manufacture of electrical cabinets and final installation in the field of the different elements. We have a team of highly qualified technicians and engineers with proven experience in the industrial automation sector.

We specialize in the most used electrical design programs, such as EPLAN from version 5.40 to the latest P8 or Autocad.

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