Site Engineering

We offer support services to companies to develop engineering projects. Our years of experience have allowed us to be the ideal solution to outsource any project, no matter how large it is. We also offer solutions oriented to the conditioning of the production areas, as well as the training of your staff.
IT8 offers measurement, mechanical and electrical assembly services.

In each of them we develop different functions to provide a comprehensive service to our customers. These include measuring, adjusting, verifying and re-certifying tools. In mechanical assembly we take care of the layout layouts, among other functions and in electrical assembly in the installation of pipes, connections, connection of equipment and networks.

Project management

Project management and part-time engineering (program managers, project managers, project managers, project engineers, project engineers), in the following areas:

At IT8 we offer qualified, flexible project managers, accustomed to working under pressure, with communicative, critical and creative skills. With the knowledge of 4 languages (English, Spanish, German and French) we offer the relationship with internal or external clients in their own language.

Construction support: displaced in assembly plants are involved in the optimization and commissioning of plants worldwide.

Mechanical Assembly

Electrical Mount


TechnicianSafety and hygiene

Staff On Site

Our team of engineers and technicians can accompany you in any of the project phases you need, manufacturing, commissioning, where you will be complemented by your work teams in profiles such as:

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At IT8 we have grown as a reference company for our customers. We want to continue on that path and for this, we will be happy to continue to contact you to continue creating solutions.