Our reason being

IT8 provides a complete mechanical and electrical engineering solution, as well as its programming and control. All this in one team, interconnected to offer the most innovative solution, scalable and with guarantees of the future.

We adapt as the industry changes, anticipating the challenges to be faced.

Our motto is to achieve perfection in our projects. From planning to execution, minimizing risks and the likelihood of error, as well as allocating our resources in the most efficient way.

We are IT8 Your engineering partner

Flexibility Accuracy . . . . . . Talent

“At IT8 we are close to our customers to adapt to any changes that may arise in a project.”

“We take care of every detail of all the projects by performing a meticulous pre-analysis”.

“In a sector undergoing renovation, it’s important against a team that has the ability to adapt to it.”

We are committed to each of our employees

  • We offer a family reconciliation system based on dialogue and flexibility of holiday schedules and periods.
  • We compensate each and every overtime for days of rest.
  • We are committed to providing a working environment where our team feels comfortable.
  • We offer ongoing training not only in those areas that build better professionals, but also where they build better people.
  • We organize activities and events in which we foster the personal and family relationships of the team, creating a family atmosphere.